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Dr John WorldPeace JD

Dr John WorldPeace JD
Complete Poems 1970 - 2020

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I spent from 1970 to date writing poetry. Until I submitted my Complete poems for the 2020 Pulitzer Poetry Prize in October 2019, I had spent ZERO time working on any aspect of marketing my poems. So at the time of my submission, the judges for the Poetry prize had absolutely no place to go to get any kind of feedback on my poetry: except to read what I submitted.

Now let me say the fact that I am an unknown poet is a huge problem for conservative bureaucrats. The reason is because there is a prime rule for senior employees in big, old, corporations and entities. “It is better to go with he herd and be wrong than go it alone and be right.” So when I dropped 4,000 poems in Pulitzer’s lap, without a single person having ever said a single word about my poems, it created huge fear for the judges. A 4,000 poem submission from an unknown poet is to say the least extremely intimidating.

There is another huge negative for the conservative judges: the fact I changed my name to John WorldPeace after my first 19 year marriage ended in 1988. Even though virtually all the married female Pulitzer judges changed their names when they got married, there is still great prejudice associated with a White male changing his surnamet. Most conservatives want to immediatly discount me as a nutcase. Yes, I have dealt with more pushback for changing my name to WorldPeace than any of you can imagine. I was fully aware of what I was going to be dealing with when I changed my name and I was not wrong. Nor was I discouraged with this understanding. I was going to have a name that stated loud and clear who I am and what I am doing in this life.

In 33 years, I have verified that people hate peace and moreso hate those who advocate peace, Why? Because human beings hate the thought of change more than anything else. And change is the primary driving component to increase the peace in the world human society.

I honestly take almost everything anyone says to me with a grain of salt. I have no peers. So no one has any concept of the right questions to ask me. You don’t know anyone like me and you need to keep that in mind. I have no peers.

Now here is the simple reality about my poetry. At this time, I have written about 6000 poems. What that means is that I am the most prolific, prodigious, published American Poet, bar none, known or unknown, and the most published of English language poets in the world. Add to that consider the fact that I have written about 100-125 poems a month since I submitted my poems to Pulitzer 17 months ago. I am 72, in good health. That means no one is going to catch up with my production. You cannot write that many poems and be writing crap. Or let me say no more crap than the most famous poets have written.

If a moron writes 200 poems there is probably one or two that would stand out as top drawer. I have seen too many people in too many areas wrestle with some vision relentlessly until they came up with something noteworthy. I have not written crap. Give me 30 people who have decades of working with poetry and none of them are going to declare my entire body of poems as crap. Out of 4,000 poems I am sure I had 78 better than the 78 Dr Jericho wrote to win the Prize.

Dr John WorldPeace JD

Who is Dr John WorldPeace JD?

Personal Photographic Profile of Dr John WorldPeace JD

Dr John WorldPeace JD lyrics to Leonard Cohen's Hallelujah

Dr John WorldPeace JD lyrics to Curtis Mayfield's 1965 People Get Ready

Here are the lyrics which are hard to follow on the video

People get ready the Lord is comin
You won't need a notice you just open the door
All you need is faith to hear the angels a hummin
You don't need anything, you just accept the Lord

People get ready, Jesus Christ is comin
Gathering everyone for a blissful ride
Love is the true key to keep your light a shining
There is room together all inside His Light.

People get ready the Glory is comin
Lifting up people living everywhere
There's no more hurting no more sadness or good-bye
Ther'll be no more darkness just heavenly skies.

People get ready Ascension is comin
You don't need your baggage you just praise the Lord
All you need is faith to hear the angels a hummin
You don't need no money you just accept the Lord

People get ready the train is comin
You don't need anything just get up on board

Star Trek - Captain Kirk - The Kobayashi Maru Test

Respond to DrJohnWorldPeaceJD@gmail

A NOTE ABOUT MY WRITING STYLE: I was never that good with grammar. I always had to read what I wrote several times. I am a very fast reader and a very fast typist which at 72 throws off more errors than when I was younger. At this point in my life, I will proof something twice and run the Grammarly editor once. I ignore a lot of its suggestions. Also, writing poetry for so many decades, my poetic language bleeds into my prose. Also, my attitude after writing for so many years is that art, poetry and prose are never really completely finished. So I dont worry about perfection. I also do not want to invest in someone to clean up what I write because in the law and in poetry a word can make a lot of difference. I have never used drugs or smoked pot and drink alcohol very seldom but I have a lifetime of deep meditation and tend to drift into a low level trance when writing long prose and definitely when writing poetry. 5 minutes after writing a poem, I cannot tell you what I wrote except very vaguely. My poetry punctuation is almost non existent. I skip line, indent and space out words as punctuation in my poetry. And I am never, as in never, fully rested. I am more concerned about the content of what I write than the writing skills I bring to the project. I also have a habit in some cases of self publishing an unfinished book; a book that I have not completed. When you self publish, you can edit the content and within a day or two the new version is what becomes the official version. My Miracles book and my Life of Jesus Christ: an epic poem are good examples. WorldPeace

Joni Mitchell said this about her song "Both Sides Now"

Once commenting about the track, Mitchell noted: “I was reading Saul Bellow’s Henderson the Rain King on a plane and early in the book ‘Henderson the Rain King’ is also up in a plane. He’s on his way to Africa, and he looks down and sees these clouds. I put down the book, looked out the window and saw clouds too, and I immediately started writing the song. I had no idea that the song would become as popular as it did.”

This I is how I have written virtually every one of mys poems for over 51 years. Dr Jwp



1) Dr John WorldPeace JD submitted for the 2020 Pulitzer Poetry Prize his 50 years of 4,000 poems published in 2019. The poems were never read by Pulitzer. This has not been denied by Pulitzer. Not a scintilla of proof has been offered by Pulitzer that Dr WorldPeace's submission was ever read. Pulitzer had 4 copies of my submission. If anyone read any of those copies, there would be some notes by the reader in those copies. I think Pulitzer trashed my submission before the announcement of winners if not as soon as they saw it.

2) The winner was Jericho Brown PhD, Emory University’s Winship Distinguished Research Professor in Creative Writing who submitted 78 poems under the title of "The Tradition".

3) Neither the Pulitzer judges nor Dr Brown, a designated expert in creative poety, have explained how Dr Brown's 78 poems won over Dr WorldPeace's 4000 poems. The reason is simple even to a blindman. Dr Brown's miniscule submission cannot hold a candle to the lifetime submission of Dr WorldPeace's 4000 poems. Dr Brown's win, was a manipulated and corrupt win. And the truth is he cannot wrap his head around my life's work even as a designated poetry expert. Also, he is a university tenured bureaucrat and as below in 4f below, he is not going to put his career on the line commenting on my poetry when there is not a single poetry expert who has commented on my poetry. Dr Brown is a fraud, which he does not deny.

4) The Pulitzer took $75 from each poet who submitted his or her poems and Pulitzer knew none of them who did not know the unwritten rules had a “dog’s chance in hell” of winning. What I found out after Dr Brown was announced winner was that there was in fact a whole lot of unstated unwritten rules associated with the Pulitzer prize. As I said above, I never submitted my poems for publication or to any contest. They were on my websites after websites were created in the late 90s but they were never promoted. Website publication was not considered publication for 2019 so I could submit my poetic life's work. I did not read poetry. I did not participate in any poetry event and I did not associate with any poets. I did take one 19th centruy poetic survey in my first year of college. I have lived a very full and intense life and poetry was always a hobby for lack of time to allocate to it. And as a hobby, I have written more poems than any other American poet.

Note: to take $75 from entrants without posted rules when there are in fact rules to the contest is civil and criminal fraud. The only rule was the poems for the 2020 prize had to be written between January and October 2019

Here are some of the unwritten rules. I am not sure that I have them all but when the 2021 prize is awarded I am sure I will discover some more.

a) You must have a professional cover. All my 85 books on Amazon have my brand on the front. If you don't have a professional cover, you lose. I have been an artist for almost 60 years. No way I am going to let anyone design my cover. No way I am going to pay $2500 for a cover just to enter a poetry contest.

b) There is no interest in free verse. The Pulitzer went out of its way to not award E E Cummings the prize in his long and distinguished career writing 2900 free verse poems. It appears that the Pulitzer has a long history of contempt for free verse. See "E E Cummings and the Pulitzer" by Tony Ortega below. ( But my poems also include Frost, Dickinson, Whitman, and others genres including Haiku but it made no difference since they did not read my submission.)

c) There can be no punctuation or grammar errors. This requires professional readers to proof your entry. Grammarly will not be sufficient. The cost of a professional cover and readers would bar more than a few poets from entering if the rules were posted. In fact, the rules were posted there may be less than a dozen entries.

d) All poems need to be in a traditional left justified format.

e) It requires a poetry publisher who knows the rules and maybe even socializes with the judges or just knows them.

f) It is necessary for the submitting poet to have a blue ribbon resume of accolades for poetry. Submission from someone like me who has never published and never entered contests are DOA unread. You see awards by noted poets and critics is a cover-your-ass requirement for judges. It is easier for a judge to vote for a work that some other poetry authority has recognized. Its foundational herd mentality.

5) What is interesting and relevant is that there are two gigantic enablers of pedophiles. The Boy Scouts and the Catholic Church. And as it so happens Boy Scout troops are sponsored by Protestant churches. It is a hell of a reality detrimental to all who are boy scouts and altar boys in the Catholic church.

But the Pulitzer Prize and Emory University are another class of enablers. Scoutmaster to boy scouts, priests to altar boys and university professors and their freshman students. And now we have an example of the Pulitzer organization further enabling Dr Brown as a university professor with an award of the Pulitzer Prize for poetry. All the LGBGQ issues do not apply to a scout master, priest, or college professor. Society does not tolerate pedophilies or predators young men. Most college freshmen are adults. But at 72 years of age, I know that 17 and 18 years olds are not schooled in gay male predators.

I do not think Dr Brown should be denied a teaching position at Emory because he is a flaming Queen but I believe there must be a mandatory disclosure signed by all feshman male students who sign up for his classes that they are dealing with a flaming Queen accompanied by a definition of flaming Queen. The other option is to bar freshmen males from taking Dr Brown’s classes. Dr Brown as a flaming Queen is in a academic position that creates a target rich environment for him. Two of this three poetry books are about his search for the perfect gay lover. The power that a university professor has over a young males is every bit as great as a priest or a boy scout leader. In fact, a college professor has more power because he can trash a college transcipt. It does not matter that Freshmen are generally legal adults. Freshmen do not need to be subjected to a world wise predator without notice. You dont become world wise just because you passed an age threshold. I will acknowledge that I had an encounter through a kid I thought was my best friend. He put me in a negative position with a scout master that was molesting him. My father put an end to that problem.

The Boy Scouts went Bankrupt over their enabling of pedophile scout masters. The Catholic Church is also facing astronomical financial damages just the same. So it seems Emory University, Columbia University and the Pulitzer may well find themselves in the same financial straights. So why would the Pulitzer award Dr Brown the Pulitzer Prize? Dana Canedy? Corruption? Ignorance? Arrogance? Hatred for WorldPeace for advocating WorldPeace or for writing like E E Cummings?

Lastly, the world is full of problems from Trump, to global warming, the Covid-19 virus, racism, Trump insurrectionist, etc. The Pulitzer chose Dr Brown as winner to give recognition to Black Queens who society has loudly stated they do not want in positions of authority over young men.

I also suspect that Dr Brown's publisher and Dana Canedy conspired to award the prize to Dr. Brown.

I would note that after the 2020 awards, due to my blazing email complaint, Ms. Canedy was fired from the position of administrator 30 days after the board received my email. They say she was not fired. A Black woman in that elite position such that she was allowed to ring the opening bell at the NY Stock Exchange is going to quit a super high status job as administrator of the Pulitzer Prize in less that 3 years. Give me a break. If you believe that, I have a good deal on some swamp land for you. It also appears that Ms. Canedy's son is a gay blade himself.

We will see what happens between now on May 2021, at the 2021 Pulitzer Awards. I did not enter. Doing the same things over again expecting a different result is insanity. I only had 1000 elibigle poems in 2021 when 4000 were not enough to win in 2020.

It is going to be interesting to see if anyone accepts the Pulitzer Poetry Prize this year because they know that I am going to be very much a presence. No one is going to accept a Pulitzer Poetry Prize whose integrity is seriously in question. A prize awarded when none of my accusations have been denied. I think most people believe the lack of a response is an indication that what I have said above is true.

Another problem the Pulitzer has is that I have stepped forward with some serious credentials in life and unchallenged top of the pyramid poetic credentials. And I am a high IQ Polymath as opposed to a one trick poetry pony.

It makes me laugh that Dr Brown's paltry 78 poem submission beat out my ground breaking 4000 poems submission. And in the time since his award, I have written another 1000+ poems and I have added another 800 world religious texts reintrepreted with a WorldPeace spin and a poetry format that I have been working on since 1993. What has he done? I have seen no new books from him.

Below you will find my correspondence to the Pulitzer board to which they have not responded. Just more details of these comments. Big, as in very big mistake for the Pulitzer not to respond to me. In a court of law, allegations that are not rebutted are taken as true.

Lastly, if you want to call me a racist, see johnworldpeace.com and see my poem in the Right Column just above the photo of Dr Jericho, "Raw White Racism" (55 pages) which is about my being born and raised in Houston, Texas. I left Texas 10 years ago because nothing has changed in that state. If anything, it has become more fascist across the board.

Oh yes, a point of interest: Dr Brown and I both changed our names. Dr Brown got his Phd and I got my Doctor of Jurisprudence at the University of Houston; a few decades apart, I am 72 and he is 44. And we are both significant poets, me much moreso than him. The world is full of coincidences.

Dr Jwp JD March 15, 2021

E. E. Cummings and the Pulitzer

June 6, 2008

Clip Job: an excerpt every day from the Voice archives.
December 10, 1958, Vol. IV, No. 7
The Lively Arts
By Gilbert Seldes

It is surely a remarkable coincidence that in every year which witnesses the publication of a book of poems by E. E. Cummings, the judges who award the Pulitzer Prize manage to find another poet to honor. You can imagine the scene for yourself. The deadline is the 31st of some month and the judges are huddled together waiting for midnight to bong. If no book by Cummings slips in, just under the last stroke of the bell, they sigh with relief–but those last few seconds must be agonizing. Suppose he does it again. They’ll really have to scramble about a bit. Can’t give it to Robert Frost every year, you know! Some years that old meanie Frost doesn’t publish a book at all and it’s tough. But bless them! they always manage.

They’ll have to manage again this year. For Cummings has published a new collection (“95 Poems”) and an excellent book about him and his work has just appeared (“The Magic Maker, E. E. Cummings,” by Charles Norman).

I suspect that this year’s Pulitzer Prize for poetry will be given to James Russell Lowell…

The Pulitzer Prize in poetry can be awarded posthumously, and it has just occurred to me that a new book by Robert W. Service–or maybe an old one–has just been issued. The Committee is off the hook.

Come to think of it, Cummings has held the most exalted single post a poet in America can hold: he has been Charles Eliot Norton Professor at Harvard. He’s had a Bollingen. He’s an academician. For all I know he may be entitled to be addressed as “Doctor.”

Isn’t there a faint possibility that the Pulitzer people need him a little more than he needs them?

[The 1959 award actually went to Stanley Kunitz, and Cummings never won a Pulitzer–Tony O.]



The entries in this section are from the most current to the oldest.


To: The Board of Directors
March 15, 2021

I have not been corresponding to you because I had to stay with my 4 years project of helping to remove Trump from. The impeachment trial verdict freed me to return to this project to put an end to the Pulitzer Poetry Prize and get rid of as many Board members as possible in the process.

You have made no effort to communicate with me since my first letter on June 10, 2020, which I am sure ha been your legal advice. Not to communicate with me is a mistake and will remain evidence of a bad and arrogant attitude.

I have done a lot of research over the last 9 months in many aspects of poetry. I am absolutely certain that I can shut down the Pulitzer Poetry Prize or just end anyone’s interest in participating or having anything to do with the prize. If you don’t resolve this, you can be assured that I am going to create an ongoing campaign to boycott the Pulitzer project that will last beyond the tenure of each and all the board members. Your successors will wonder why you did not resolve this matter. Especially since you are in the wrong,

So let me begin.

In everything I write, I have much more to say than I ever say. I can write a lot of poetry because I hear so many nuanced peripheral responsive messages to the primary theme of my correspondence. I tend to let things roll around inside my head for days or a week, and then when I begin to write it all just comes together. It is not a conscious method. I just think about all aspects of what I am talking about and then let my subconscious mix it, and when I feel right, I write.

I have been processing this correspondence for almost a year. It began when the 2020 prizes were announced in May 2020.  I have written some correspondence to you which are more my processing the situation as opposed to definitive comments.

Let me be clear about something that should already be clear: none of you are in my league on much of anything. I have no peers globally. There are many people who have devoted the majority of their lives to some career path but few have been able to do much of value outside their chosen path. So for me just about everyone is a one trick pony with varying degrees of understanding above the average person with regards to their career pony.

My career path since I was 8 years old and even before I was born was about why there was not a greater degree of peace in the world human society. The 3 primary reasons relate to government, religions, and the Law. The second tier of three is about education, corporations, and economics. Within these areas, you will find the greatest impediments to increasing the level of peace in the world human society. Consider this, in all 6 tiers, there exists as a subordination of women and secondly, people of color.

I am in your face for several reasons. 1) You people are a severe impediment to increasing the level of peace in the world human society. 2) You have determined that a certain kind of poetry is king, and that is not true. 3) You have an unwritten definition of what kind of poetry will win the prize. You are frauds in not publishing those unwritten rules. 4) You are criminals in that you take a poet’s money for his or her submission, which you know on its face will never win because it is outside the secret parameters for winning. If the poet knew these rules, he or she would never submit their work. 5) Your corruption as an impediment to the level of peace in the world human society is the main reason I am coming at you. It is my global perspective on everything.

From an average person I know, I was given the perfect word to describe why I have so many problems with people. This woman and her husband have a business of doing very high-resolution photography of art. What they do makes my art scalable to the sides of buildings.

I took some art to them, and then I pulled out the 7 volumes (5000+ pages) of poems that I have written and put them on the counter. The wife blurted out, “That is intimidating.” And there it was. The perfect word to describe all of you is Intimidated.  I have written more poems than Whitman, Kipling, Dickinson, Cummings, and Sandburg in their combined careers. And you have no idea how to process what I have written. Not to mention that compared to me, you are all lazy and not much accomplished. (You discounted me last year, you set the tone of all future communications.)

People can be divided into two groups: those who are creative, and those who are mechanics. Mechanics can build what the creators dream up. But the mechanics cannot create globally. Mechanics are driven by money. Creators are driven by the demands of their souls.  Extreme creators find moronic work debilitating. They, for the most part, cannot function in a typical herd job. Even if the herd is a couple dozen chosen Pulitzer Board Members.

I can do both right and left brain tasks; business and art, poetry and spirituality are both easy for me to get into sync with.

None of the board members are creators. You are all mechanics. Probably straight A students and you were chosen to be a member of the board because all straight A students are ultra conservatives who can be depended on to follow the rules and not try to reinvent the wheel. You cannot tap into the upper levels of creativity and so you emphasize poetry that is mechanical. Creators emphasize the message of poetry and the mechanics emphasize the structure. Creators like to create with water, Mechanics like to create with Legos.

Mechanics have no possible way to evaluate creative art and poetry. So they fall back on structures. In poetry, they are all jingle people. They do best with commercial jingles with very short sound bytes.

When you jingle men and women, see what I have created, and the massive production that was always a part-time endeavor for me, almost a hobby to me, you are just overwhelmed and INTIMIDATED and can’t decide whether to go to the bathroom or go blind.

In the course of this confrontation with you, I asked Dr Jericho, a PhD, and professor of poetry at Emory University, to explain why his 75 poems won the 2020 Poetry prize over my 4000+ poems. No response because he was overwhelmed and INTIMIDATED by my submission. My Texas upbringing would therefore define him as not knowing Jack Shit about poetry. I, on the other hand, do know Jack Shit and beyond.

Let me tell you one reason that Dr Jericho is a mechanical jingle man. True poetry is metaphysical and spiritual. Both Dr Jericho and I changed our birth names. I chose to be WorldPeace a focus on uplifting the world human society. He chose a doom name. You know from the Bible that Jericho was destroyed. He chose a name that was focused on failure.  Every day over and over, he is reminded that he is a failure headed for doom in his career and probably life due to his daily focus on his destructive name choice. He probably got that name from some Black gay man he thought he was in love with.

I am not prejudiced against gays but I am against gays being put into positions of authority like a college professor, or priest, or boy scout leader. Dr Jericho is in a job with a target-rich environment of 17 and 18 year old naïve males. Both Emory University and the Pulitzer have significantly enabled Dr Jericho. Society does not condone these positions for flaming queens. The Catholic church is on the run and the Boy Scouts have been bankrupted. This is the same Catholic church and universities that subordinate women worldwide. Just saying.

In my case there are people who hate my guts, but they have to refer to me as WorldPeace, which is an uplifting concept. Now most mechanics will never connect with this thought. Way too metaphysical. You know, way too Jesus metaphysical radical liberal. And all Republicans demean all radical liberals except on Sunday morning when they pay lip service to the most radical liberal who ever lived. Do you think Republicans know that they are conservatives and Jesus is radical liberal?

Jesus said: “Ask and receive, seek and find, knock and enter. If you have faith the size of a mustard seed, you can move mountains. Nothing will be impossible for you. If you believe in me, you will do the works I do and greater works will you do.”

What does this mean? It means the future is pliable and we write our own scripts in life. Dr Jericho wrote a doom and gloom script for his life and I wrote an unlimited uplifting life script. Dr Jericho does not get it. His poetry is without much redeeming social value and with plenty of hedonists negative spiritual degradation.

Dr Jericho is a hedonist whose life quest is for the perfect black cock and true love. And the Pulitzer applauds that mindset even as the world human society is in great darkness not just with Covid-19 but also with, you know, with burning down the Garden of Eden with fossil fuels, divisiveness, racism, money worship, etc.

The board is like Christians who say proudly they were saved by Jesus when they are in church. But on Monday morning, they viciously attack Jesus by spewing all kinds of negativity about radical liberals. Hey, Jesus was the most radical liberal who has ever lived. These mechanics, like most mechanics, do not have a coordinated philosophy or cosmology.

From 1970 to date, I focused on writing poetry. I have written more poetry than the combined poems of Whitman, Kipling, Dickinson, Sandburg, and Cummings in their careers. I never had time to study poetry, submit my works for publication or enter a corrupt rigged poetry contest.  In June 2018, I began to self-publish all my poetry. It took almost two years. During the process, I looked into the Pulitzer Poetry prize and decided since it would be no extra effort above publishing my poetry, I would enter my life’s work.

In 1990, I took all my poetry and categorized and analyzed it to try to understand what I was doing. I felt I was in a rut. I learned much and did not want to continue on the poetic path I was on. It took until 2007 before I began to write again. I had shaken off the routine I fell into from 1970 to 1990.

After publishing and editing 50 years of my poetry, I completely understood what I was doing and I now write and publish about 120 poems a month since October 2019. I don’t write to break some record, I own the records for most published poetry, I write because I am continuously inspired by just about everything.

I do not write poetry. I channel it. You have heard about singers who are driving down a road and all of a sudden, a song idea comes to them.  They stop and work on the inspiration until they have a song, And generally they say it only took 5-10 minutes. I do the same thing. I am 72. I am inspired by just about everything, interest in everything that is not negative or vulgar. I cannot teach what I do. If I were to teach writing poetry, I would really instead be teaching prayer and meditation regarding spirituality and the poetry would naturally flow. The Pulitzer Poetry judges are intimidated by what I do. Structuring poetry destroys poetry. You cannot make love in a straight jacket.

My theory of poetry is grounded in Zen Koans, Zen stories, and Haiku. Zen is all spiritual with a logical, linear base. I laugh because Zen is the most spiritual religion, almost a no religion religion, but it has not been able to avoid the necessity of a religious bureaucracy to maintain the teachings and the community. In any religion, when the corporate bureaucracy’s needs conflict with the teachings of the master, the teachings of the master are skewed to preserve the bureaucracy.

Poetry is spiritual and is, therefore the language of the Third Millennium. The controlling force of the world human society is spiritual energy. I am not equating spiritual energy with good energy. I am saying that the infinite immortal spiritual energy resides in a finite mortal body.  That does not necessarily have to be human; What is infinite and immortal rules over what is finite and mortal.

When one begins to think in terms that the finite mortal human body controls the infinite immortal spirit, then the human being becomes confused in believing that the tangible finite mortal earth is the true reality and the infinite immortal spirituality of everything is the dream. Actually, both the spiritual reality and the earth reality are both dreamscapes. The earth dreamscape is just more tangible and intense.

Souls incarnate into tangible bodies in order to experience a more intense reality. Sex is much more powerful in a human body than its equivalent is in the spiritual dreamscape.

Again: Jesus said: “Ask and receive, seek and find, knock and enter. If you have faith the size of a mustard seed, you can move mountains. Nothing will be impossible for you. If you believe in me, you will do the works I do and greater works will you do.”

This means that everything is pliable and what we experience is what we project that we will experience. The soul controls the body. In death, the body turns to dust and recycled and the soul returns to God who created it. Think about this for a minute and you will see how screwed up Christians are in regards to abortion.

The purpose of poetry is to moment to moment remind human beings that they are living a dual existence of the all encompassing, all permeating God and the finite more tangible more intense earth dreamscape. Through poetry, we are not allowed to forget that we exist in this dual reality. If we forget this, then we become attached to the earth dreamscape and become lost. All religions caution again becoming attached to anything in the earth dreamscape. Brutally, the richest man on earth at death enters heaven naked. Nothing goes with the spirit from earth to heaven (or hell) except the actions of that soul while in the earth dreamscape.

Poetry, therefore, has a critical role in increasing the level of peace in the world human society.

My poems are channeled from the spiritual dreamscape. They are not mined from the earth dreamscape.  Mechanical poems are about experiencing the earth dreamscape. They are about attachment.

I have one cosmology but many messages from that cosmology. Many poems reminding people that the earth dreamscape is not real, has an end date, and if you become attached to anything in this earth dreamscape you are lost and you will suffer the consequences of wrong thinking with regards to a peaceful experience in all dreamscapes spiritual or earthly.

My poems are about life, all aspects of life. I have an autobiography in prose,. My poems could be considered as the emotional side of my logical linear prose autobiography.

Since my poems are all grounded in spirituality, they contain what many call secret knowledge. Secret knowledge is an understanding that we live in this dual earthly and spiritual reality. My poems are about things that all humans experience in this earth dreamscape. My poems are a constant reminder not to get attached in the earthly dreamscape. My poems are about shaking one’s beliefs.

It impossible to stay free in a religion. Religion is the husk of spirituality. Religion is corporate. Religion is a jailer. All preachers are false prophets.

Jeremiah 31: 33-34 in the Old Testament and Hebrews 8: 10-12 in the New Testament say that God his written his laws and truth on our hearts and minds. That all we have to do to find God is to pray, meditate and study and no human being needs a teacher. In truth, to follow anyone is to become lost. To follow someone will cause you to abandon your truth and get lost in someone else’s truth as Jesus said, when the blind lead the blind both fall into the ditch. The blind are followers who seek their truth in someone else’s mind and heart. The blind are also those who think their truth is the truth of everyone; how ridiculous. The solution, if you meet the Buddha on the road, run away because he or she is carrying his shackles ready to enslave you. When you follow anyone, you go into darkness.

My poetry is about staying free. Every poem is about staying free. Every poem is grounded in a way to cope with life. Do not follow me. Listen to me as you would listen to anyone. Then meditate on it. Ask yourself if you agree with me. But I have no church or organization, I am no messiah, guru, master. I refuse to take responsibility for your life in any aspect. I am just talking. I carry no shackles with me nor do I own any.

I am interested in what others have to say about anything and everything. Those comments allow me to constantly check the validity of my cosmology. Those comment from others, even fools and knaves, help me to stay awake and live a peaceful life.

What I write is an aspect of the secret knowledge of peace and happiness in this dreamscape and all others. I write so much because I am always evaluating everything. There are few things that do not interest me.

The Pulitzer Poetry Prize must consider the history of a winner. If not, they would gladly hand over the prize to Adolph Hitler. The world human society has so many problems right now the way through the maze seems impossible. There are no global leaders today with an all-inclusive mindset. Every single acknowledged peace advocate focused on certain problems. None spoke to the entire scope of a declining world human society.  I am the world’s first global peace advocate. I have asked the question for my entire life as to why there is not a greater level of peace in the world human society. And I have written volumes about what I have found.

I am not a college professor hiding out in a sterile world of education. I have been engaged in every aspect of life in the world dreamscape. I have been married, worked for others, worked for myself. I have gone to church and written a dozen books about world religions. I have served in the military. I am a father. My parents lived 86 years, and I was there for them. I have run for political office. I have been illegally jailed as a peace advocate in 2008. I have written 85 books. I have written over 5000 poems, I have written more poems than Whitman, Dickinson, Cummings, Kipling and Sandburg combined. I have come within minutes of dying in 1997 and 2016. I started working at 14 and am still working at 73 and do not intend to retire and never did.

I have lived a normal life in every way but a more accomplished life than the average person. I worked full time and went to college full time from 1966 to 1970. I did not borrow any money for school. Don’t cry baby around me and say it cannot be done. Due to my service in the U S Army they paid for my Accounting degree and Law degree from 1976 to 1984 during which time I worked full time and raised 4 children with their mother who abandoned them in 1987. I found a loving woman with 2 children and we finished our obligation to those children. My three sons served in the Marine Corp in the 1990’s.

I was born and raised in a racist Houston, Texas. But none of my children are alcoholics, drug or pot smokers, and I have never heard any of them say “nigger” ever. As evil as their mother is, I never heard her use that word either.

As an accountant, insurance salesman, tax advisor, lawyer and web designer for small businessmen, I have vicariously learned much about living in America. I have my personal experience and I have vicarious experiences of my clients. I have not lived under a rock. I have been fully engaged in life all my life.

I am a Global Advocate for WorldPeace and I changed my name in 1988, as a commitment to that advocacy. What can I say about increasing the peace in the world human society? I can affirm that human beings hate peace and they moreso hate those who advocate it. Why? Because increasing the peace means change and if there is anything humans hate, it is change.

I am the only Advocate for Jesus Christ. But I am not a corporate Christian or corporate religionist of any stripe. I believe in God but not any corporate church. All preachers are false, especially those who advocate Donald Trump for anything and preach the doom and gloom false book of Revelation with its set in stone future. Jesus said in his red-letter words that the future is pliable and will be what we project it to be. The book of Revelation says, and false preachers preach, the future is set in a doom and gloom future and end of the world which God said would not happen. Jesus said over and over that his kingdom is not of this earth and the book of Revelation says he will become the final ultimate king of the world. False Christians demand that fetuses be allowed to mature into babies and absolutely refuse to adopt or support these children they insisted be born.

Republican Christians go to church on Sunday and worship the most radical liberal human who ever walked the earth with his message of “love one another”. Then on Monday morning and for the rest of the week, these false Christians take up the negative mantras spewed by Donald Trump to hate the radical liberals in society. How stupid. How typically human. I have written a book about a lifetime of study and experience titled “The Third Millennium Second Reformation of Christianity” that speaks of many stupid Christians’ stupid irrational, illogical beliefs.

In 33 years, not a single copy of my book, The Book of Peace, has sold. And you wonder why there is so much hatred in America.

Racism will be tolerated but never go away. Homo Sapiens are the only species of 50 species of hominins that once lived on the earth, The Neanderthals being the last. The mindset of homo sapiens out of Africa 250,000 years ago is one of a homogenous society. Now that there is only one species of humans left, homo sapiens, those homo sapiens have begun to focus on people of color, non-whites, muddy people, with Donald Trump leading the attack. They are in the second phase of creating a homogenous world human society.

Women are second-class citizens globally. Undeniable. This is the greatest impediment to increasing the level of peace in the world human society. Racism is the second greatest impediment. Why any woman or any person of color would vote Republican in American is a gigantic mystery. At the top of the Catholic Church, an enabler of pedophiles, there is not one single woman in power, Same same in Islam, Judaism, Mormons, Bahai’s. Why do women support religions that tell them they are sub-humans? Another one of the great mysteries.

These are some of the issues I have studied and dealt with and proposed solutions to in my life. Yet, beyond being the most published poet in America and the most published English language poet in the world, the Pulitizer Poetry Prize is awarded to a Black man who is a one trick pony in his pursuit to the perfect Black cock, Black Ass, Black lover in the world human society.

So what is wrong with this picture? What is going on with the Pulitzer Prize? How can anyone give any respect to a prize that is so incredibly corrupt?

In regards to poetry, I have reinterpreted most of the sacred books of the world’s sacred religions. It took me 3 years from 1993 to 1996. And last year I published most of those books as poetry, Why? Because they are poetry. So to the thousands of poems I have written you have to add about 2000 plus poems I edited that are the Bhagavad Gita, the Dhammapada, the Analects of Confucius, The Tao, The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali under the title Eastern Religion as Poetry. And then ad the Book of Job and the Gnostic Gospel of Thomas.

Do you think there is any poet that ever lived that is my peer? And I am still writing over a 100 poems a month since my submission in October 2019 to the Pulitzer Poetry Prize. Dr Jericho Brown as of May 2020 had written about 240 poems in 12 years and to my knowledge, has written no more since. Two of the books are black gay-oriented.

A few months ago I disconnected from my high school classmates. The connection was never much any way other than a handful of friends. These are typical Baby Boomers, many draft dodgers, the vast majority of who are Baby Boomers who have become their parents and allowed the earth to degenerate and be plundered for money and who are leaving their grandchildren a desert planet as they tell them how much they love them. What a farce. Those grandchildren, when they grow up will no doubt make a determined effort to return to the graves of those loving? grandparents and spit of their graves. Of this, I have no doubt.

And the 2020 poster boy of the Pulitzer Poetry Prize is Dr Black Brown and his travails for his hedonist life as a Black Queen. Don’t show your ignorance and call me a racist. This conversation is about the Pulitzer Prize. No doubt the Pulitzer Prize has been underrepresented by Blacks over its 100 year history. But get this, ANY BLACK WILL NOT DO.

I have written extensively about Jesus. The words of Jesus are parables and poetry as well.

Starting tomorrow, I will be emailing every body who is any body in the world of poetry with the web address of this website, and my website JohnWorldPeace,com and the address of my website DrJohnWorldPeaceJDPoetry and my website The Third Millennium Second Reformation of Christianity and my reorganization of the Gospels of Matthew, Mark, Luke and John titled The Gospel of Jesus and before the summer is out I will finish another iteration of this book as The Life of Jesus Christ: An Epic Poem that will be about 200 pages. This book like several others is being published on Amazon as I write it. Consider in these times of isolation my book: Dr John WorldPeace JD: Prison Journal 2008 – 569 pages. My Political Advocate Bona Fides.

No I have no peers in the world human society !!!

You will be accountable for your actions with regards to the 2020 Pulitzer Poetry Prize. If you don’t fair well, which you will not, then it will migrate into all the other prizes. When a person becomes a corrupt liar, then you have to evaluate everything they have ever said or done; or boycott them.

Dr John WorldPeace JD


Edward Kliment and each member of the Pulitzer Board


NOTE: My website on this matter will be updated within the next few days. Stay Tuned.

Let me begin by saying that I am Dr John WorldPeace JD, the only global advocate for WorldPeace and the only Advocate for Jesus Christ. Absolutely nothing that I communicate on this site or anywhere else in the world human society can in anyway be construed as a threat of physical violence against anyone on the planet and definitely not anyone even peripherally involved in any manner who I challenge regarding the Elitist Exclusionary Pulitzer Organization.

I began my verbal attack on the Board after the corrupt award of the 2020 Pulitzer Prize in May this year to Dr Jericho Brown. A few months later I had to withdraw from my attack on the corrupt Pulitzer Organization to pursue the more critical matter of removing Donald Trump from the presidency; said battlefield being the November 3, 2020, election.

My attack against Trump initially was my Independent write-in candidacy for President USA 2020,
https://drjohnworldpeacejdforpresidentusa2020.com/ , postings against Donald Trump on Facebook since he received the 2016 Republican Party Nomination, and my website
Impeach Donald Trump https://www.impeachpresidenttrumpusa.com/, and my efforts to shame the fake and false Christians who support Trump who breaks 9 of the Ten Commandments and makes the way of the Lord crooked. Jesus said, “ A House divided cannot stand.” Therefore, God nor Jesus would ever endorse Donald Trump for President, or even dog catcher, who is absolutely anti-Christian. Jesus used the commandment against lying to define Satan as the Father of Lies because there is no truth in him. No one can deny that Donald Trump is the Prince of Lies on earth because as my mother often said, “He would rather lie than eat.” Even though in Trump’s case I think eating runs a close second to lying and just ahead of playing golf.”

I have challenged the State Bar of Texas for my disbarment in which the lawsuit only prayed for monetary damages and not for disbarment in Equity. I had appealed that disbarment completely through the Supreme Court of Texas and was about to begin my suit in the Federal Courts when a lying U S Deputy Marshall said I knocked him down and kicked him when he tried to server me a Civil Bench Warrant issued by Judge Brown to appear in my mother’s bankruptcy. I have no incident in my life where I assaulted anyone but I was forced to plead out to a one year misdemeanor as opposed to going to court and losing; as all defendents do when trying to refute the testimony of a lying cop. Further my son Dr John Wolter PhD is a police officer with the Houston Police and was in charge of protection of Mayor Sylvester Turner and my Grandmother Ellis retired from the Houston police department. I would never commit a lawless act of violence or anything else. Such actions would be a slap in the face of my grandmother and son.

Because the Judge in my State Bar trial was not appointed by the Supreme Court of Texas in 5 of the 6 complaints, and because Disbarment was not plead, there was no jurisdiction and the statute of limitations does not apply and I will proceed with my suit against the State Bar of Texas in the federal courts when I have time to devote to it. I have no intent to practice law again because it is a conflict oriented greed driven career the stink of which I will never be able to purge from my life.

On my website in this matter, Dr John WorldPeace versus Pulitzer https://drjohnworldpeacejdversuspulitzerorg.com/; there is a link to my book The Third Millennium Second Reformation of Christianity  https://thethirdmillenniumsecondreformationofchristianity.com/ and to the purchase of said book self-published on Amazon.com.

The first Reformation of Christianity was successfully pursued by Martin Luther. He did not go far enough in his attack on the Catholic Church. In my book, I am finishing the Reformation which is the already in progress pursuing the termination of Corporate Christianity and its transformation to Spiritual Christianity (see the book: Gnostic America by Peter M. Burfeind) In Jeremiah 31: 34-35 in the Old Testament and Hebrews 8: 10-12 in the New Testament, God makes a new covenant with humanity when he put his laws in the hearts and minds of ever human being such that no one needs to teach anyone about God and Jesus salvation or enlightenment. These verses seem to negate Corporate Christianity and most certainly the billion dollar Jesus shows with false preachers like Kenneth Copeland the billionaire and Joel Osteen the millionaire working toward billionaireship. All these corrupt false preachers making truckloads of money talking about Jesus who had no assets. Go figure.

Jesus set the standard for true preachers. “Sell all you have and give it to the poor. Then follow me.” No corporate preacher lives that reality.

At any rate, The point is that I am a fearless but not foolish individual. My life, my destiny before I was born was to focus my life on Advocating WorldPeace. This is an advocacy primary focused on Religion, Government and the Law, which are the prime determiners of peace in the world human society.

Dr Jericho Brown changed his name as did I. He like me wanted a name that was more in line with who he was. Dr Brown probably wanted to rid himself of his slave name as well. Dr Brown has a PhD from the University of Houston and I have a Doctor of Jurisprudence from the University of Houston.  Dr Brown is a one trick pony grounded in poetry. I have a much more dynamic resume; including being in the military, a husband and father, running for Governor of Texas 2002, self employment for the majority of my 55 year working career in insurance, accounting, tax, law and web design, a certified IQ in the top 1%, an artist as well as poet, etc. See JohnWorldPeace.com https://johnworldpeace.com my flagship website with 15,000 plus pages. And my vetting documents at: https://drjohnworldpeacejdforpresidentusa2020.com/DrJohnWorldPeaceVettingDocuments.asp/

Dr Brown has written 3 books of poems with about 250 poems.  I have written and submitted for the 2020 Pulitzer Prize 50 years of poems that consists of about 3400 poems through 2019. This year I have written about 800 poems from January to November and will write another 100+ this year. Not much question as to who is the career poet. For Dr Brown to win the 2020 Poetry prize with less than 100 poems compared to my 4000 poems is a joke. The bigger LIE is that the poetry judges never read my submission and the Pulitzer has not denied this assertion.

In my first letter on this matter, I promised Ms. Canedy that she would be fired over this matter and that is what happened 6 weeks after the Poetry announcement in May. Now I will tell you that I intend to have Dr Brown’s career at Emory terminated.

In addition to challenging the Pulitzer on this matter, I have challenged the current premier poet Dr Brown to use his expertise and explain why his 100 poems were more deserving to win the Pulitzer Prize than my 3400 poem lifetime submission. He has not responded. The reason is that he is a fraud.

Further, I assert that he won because he is Black and the Pulitzer, with Ms. Canedy desired to even out the White dominance of the Pulitzer Prize since its inception. I was born and raised and lived in the South, Houston, Texas for 65 years. In 2011, I moved to Albuquerque, New Mexico and have no intention of ever returning to Texas.

Further, Dr Brown is a flaming Queen, and has no business teaching at any university. I have a serious issue with predatory pedophiles through my ex-best friend from kindergarden to 9th grade who tried to subject me to his gay boy scout mentor’s sexual advances. He tried to set me up but I made it clear to them both, my friend and the scout leader, to back off. When my father saw this scout leader he sounded the alarm to my friend’s parents and the matter was taken care of.

What is interesting is that there are two gigantic enablers of pedophiles. The Boy Scouts and the Catholic Church. And as it so happens Boy Scout troops are sponsored by Protestant churches. It is a hell of a reality detrimental to all who are boy scouts and altar boys in the Catholic church.

But there is in this case another class of enablers. Scoutmaster to boy scouts, priests to altar boys and university professors and their students.

The end of my friendship with DER (initials) was due to his parents and mine refusing to come to an agreement on which troop DER and I would join. His parents demanded we join their Baptist Church troop and my parents insisted I join our Presbyterian Church troop. DER and I had an agreement that neither of us would join until our parents came to an agreement. DER put a knife in my back by joining his church troop without telling me for several months. I cannot abide a liar. And that was the end of our 8 year best friend relationship. Like Humpty Dumpty, what was broken could not be repaired from my position.

As Dr John WorldPeace JD I am radically pro equal rights for the LGBT community. No exceptions. I do not believe the LGBT community is destined for hell by virtue of their gender preferences.

But I draw the line with the enabling of gay males by the Boy Scouts and the Catholic Church and universities due to my personal experience that proves the truth about these two organizations. The Protestant churches are also enablers through their support of the Boy Scouts who are enablers.

Kids enter college at 18. Most are naïve about Sexual Predators. I would suggest in this area females are more awake to this issue due to their very high rates of rape in childhood.

I do not think Dr Brown should be denied a teaching position at Emory because he is a flaming Queen but I believe their must be a mandatory disclosure signed by all 18-20 years old male students who sign up for his classes that they are dealing with a flaming Queen and a definition of flaming Queen. The other option is to bar 18-20 year old males from taking Dr Brown’s classes. Dr Brown as a flaming Queen is in a academic position that creates a target rich environment for him. The power that a university professor has over a young males is every bit as great as a priest or a boy scout leader.

And now we have an example of the Pulitzer organization further enabling Dr Brown as a university professor with an award of the Pulitzer Prize for poetry.

My point is that the Pulitzer had a choice to award the Poetry Prize to me, a polymath, with my credentials over a lifetime, and moreso since I changed my name in 1988, and my life experiences far exceeds the one trick pony Dr Jericho Brown and more to the point that by giving or even considering the flaming Queen Dr Brown for the Pulitzer Prize when he is in the same position as a priest or scout leader as a university professor. In this case, were he not a university professor at the time of his award, I would have no objections to him winning simply because he is a flaming Queen.

In my life, I have had to deal with more than one gay male. Usually, I tell them to back off and that is the end of it. As long as a person is doing their job, as a civilian or as a soldier, I have no gay based issues. I saw in the military a few guys having their lives ruined by getting caught in a gay act. One guy was a friend in the Army in Italy where I served and Jack got a dishonorable discharge with just two months left on his 4 year career. It was unfortunate and I and many other straight guys voiced our objections to his dishonorable discharge. All Jack did was get severely drunk one night and forgot where he was and had sex with another soldier in the barracks. The fire guard walked in on them and reported the incident.

In a nutshell, if lifestyle is an issue, if Black is an issue, my history as a WorldPeace Advocate has a much higher positive impact than promoting flaming gay blacks who are an insignificant percentage of the world human society. I am also prepared to bring up the issue that Ms. Canedy’s son is gay and she wanted as a mother to over come some of the abuse her son has to deal with being gay. The award of the Poetry prize to Dr. Brown is corrupt from A to Z.

I would also say that if the Pulitzer wanted to draw attention to the Black issue in the world human society and specifically in America they could have chosen me a radical liberal to present the prejudice White side of that issue. I wrote a 45 page poem about racism as I experienced it in my life with an emphasis on my younger years. I have posted that poem to my website. RAW WHITE RACISM

Now regards to the criminal acts of the Pulitzer Prize regarding the 2020 Prize, I would submit that Pulitzer took my $75 entry fee with no intention of reading my submission. And the total submissions that were not read orwere  barely read will far exceed the minimum dollars needed for me to have standing in the Federal courts.

Here are the facts from my position.

I never entered a poetry contest and never submitted my poems to any publisher for inclusion in their publications. I was never involved in any poetry group and never gave a public reading. In June 2018, I decided the time had come to publish everything I had written. In March of 2019, I looked into the Pulitzer Prize and realized that I could submit my Complete poems. So I increased my efforts and met the deadline for submission in October 2019. There were only two rules published by Pulitzer. The poems had to be written in 2019 or the submission could be a selection or best or complete poems of the poet. There was no other information on the internet other than these rules.

The only poetry course I took in college was in my second year of college in 1967 was a 19th Century Poetry course. Whitman, Dickinson, Sandberg were the poets that impressed me. I did not like Poe because he was what some contemporary of his called, ”The Jingle Man”. Whitman wrote prose poetry. Dickinson was not discovered until after her death. I decided that I would at a later date begin to write poetry, probably after I graduated.  I was working full time and going to college full time. Of my 10 years at the University of Houston, during 9 I worked full time. I applied for no scholarships nor did I borrow any money. During the last 6 years, 1976-1984, I owned my own businesses and was married with 4 children.

I was drafted immediately after graduation. My lottery number was 2. I waived the appeals and 6 weeks after graduation I was in the Army. I was trained for 11 months as an infantry sergeant to go to Vietnam and was instead sent to SETAF NATO forces in Vicenza, Italy to the U S Army headquarters there.

On, October 10, 1970, my wife and I spent the night in a hotel in Galveston, Texas. It was there I wrote my first poem. The poem was channeled and took about 3 minutes. I made no edits. I wrote poems for the next 50 years the same way I wrote this poem. I have all the originals which is in and of itself miraculous.

What I found out after Dr Brown was announced winner was that there was in fact a whole lot of rules associated with the Pulitzer prize. 1) A professional cover. All my 70 books on Amazon have my brand on the front. 2) There is no interest in free verse. The Pulitzer went out of its way to award E E Cummings the prize in his long and distinguished career writing 2900 poems. 3) There can be no punctuation or grammar errors. 4) All poems need to be left justified. 5) It requires a poetry publisher who employs readers to review and fine tune the poems in line with what the Pulitzer silently required. 6) It is necessary for the submitting poet to have a blue ribbon resume of accolades for poetry 7) It appears that the Pulitzer has a long history of contempt for free verse. See "E E Cummings and the Pulitzer" by Tony Ortega below. ( But my poems also include Frost, Dickinson, Whitman, and others)

E. E. Cummings and the Pulitzer


June 6, 2008

Clip Job: an excerpt every day from the Voice archives.
December 10, 1958, Vol. IV, No. 7
The Lively Arts
By Gilbert Seldes

It is surely a remarkable coincidence that in every year which witnesses the publication of a book of poems by E. E. Cummings, the judges who award the Pulitzer Prize manage to find another poet to honor. You can imagine the scene for yourself. The deadline is the 31st of some month and the judges are huddled together waiting for midnight to bong. If no book by Cummings slips in, just under the last stroke of the bell, they sigh with relief–but those last few seconds must be agonizing. Suppose he does it again. They’ll really have to scramble about a bit. Can’t give it to Robert Frost every year, you know! Some years that old meanie Frost doesn’t publish a book at all and it’s tough. But bless them! they always manage.

They’ll have to manage again this year. For Cummings has published a new collection (“95 Poems”) and an excellent book about him and his work has just appeared (“The Magic Maker, E. E. Cummings,” by Charles Norman).

I suspect that this year’s Pulitzer Prize for poetry will be given to James Russell Lowell…

The Pulitzer Prize in poetry can be awarded posthumously, and it has just occurred to me that a new book by Robert W. Service–or maybe an old one–has just been issued. The Committee is off the hook.

Come to think of it, Cummings has held the most exalted single post a poet in America can hold: he has been Charles Eliot Norton Professor at Harvard. He’s had a Bollingen. He’s an academician. For all I know he may be entitled to be addressed as “Doctor.”

Isn’t there a faint possibility that the Pulitzer people need him a little more than he needs them?

[The 1959 award actually went to Stanley Kunitz, and Cummings never won a Pulitzer–Tony O.]

[Each weekday morning, we post an excerpt from another issue of the Voice, going in order from our oldest archives. Visit our Clip Job archive page to see excerpts back to 1956.]
This article from the Village Voice Archive was posted on June 6, 2008

This situataion reminds me of my Evidence class in law school. Blakely was supposed the hardest professor. But that was due more to his abuse of student in class. I did not associate with any law students. I was too busy for that. I was not going to work in a big law firm. I already had enough accounting and tax and insurance clients to bring in legal work will very little effort. I graduated in 1984 and a year later I had 508 open legal files.

About a week before finals I realized that all the students in the class had copies of all the test questions that Blakey had asked in his teaching career. In a word, everyone was cheating. I refused. I did my normal study routine and failed the class. And took the second semester and followed my same plan and failed that too. Screw Blakely and all students. I am not a liar or a cheat.

The bottom line is that I had no chance in hell of winning the Pulitzer Prize for poetry. I was not aware of the unwritten rules for the Pulitzer Poetry prize because I was never associated with the Poetry herd on any level.

Problem is that none of those who submitted their poetry knew those rules either. The Pulitzer took $75 from each poet who submitted his or her poems and Pulitzer knew none of them who did not know the unwritten rules had a “dog’s chance in hell” of winning. That is Criminal Fraud and Criminal Theft. And discovery in my lawsuit is going to open all this up. You cannot stop discovery of all the submissions and me contacting every single one, as well as my advertising and emailing and posting on social media.

In January, I will begin an American search for an attorney licensed in the federal court. I will be significantly involved in developing the case, research etc. If I cannot find an attorney, I will file it pro se.

Since I have been self employed and under the radar in most everything I have done, you people have no respect for exactly what I can do.

Here are a few legal cases.

1) Billy Gibson v. Lauren Kramer Atty. District Court Harris County Texas.  I had this woman disbarred. I expended her entire $400,000 malpractive policy in the civil case and was just about to dig into her personal millions when I was disbarred.

2) Plaintiff v. Bill Heard and Landmark Chevrolet.  District Court Harris County Texas  The biggest dealership in Texas for rape and assault as a matter of course in the operation of their businesses. Plus every contract was fraudulent. I lost the case again due to the disbarment but within a year, both dealerships were out of business.

3) Joyce Wolter (my mother) v. Heights Presbyterian Church, Houston, Texas. District Court Harris County Texas.  My mother had been in that church for 62 years and was and elder. I went to this church growing up. The preacher and two families had embezzled a majority of a $1 million gift from the son of the founder of the church which was 100 years old. The last meeting I had with the attorneys in the jury room included me and 12 opposing attorneys representing a handful of plaintiffs including the administrative units of the Presbyterian Church USA. During the lawsuit I discovered that the Presbytery, the immediate administrative level above Heights Church, was also missing $1.5 million but everyone was assured it was bookkeeping errors not theft. LOL. My disbarment shut down this suit.

I have no assets. I will do whatever it takes to legally shut down the Pulitzer Poetry Prize and I will jump any barriers protecting the Board of Directors individually and ruin their careers for corruption through my lawsuit. 

Having spent my entire career working with small business owners, I am pretty sure that the corruption in the Poetry section will bleed over in a standard operating procedure with regards to the other Prizes. I am getting ready to cast a significant shade over everyone who every won a Pultizer Prize. That is the bet my friends. Can Dr John WorldPeace JD terminate the Pulitzer Prize in disgrace.

Pulitzer has everything to lose and I have nothing to lose; financial or otherwise. I say this to wake you up. If you take the time to read the 15,000 pages on my flagship website, https://johnworldpeace.com/ you will know that you do not want to take me on. You need to settle. But I am going to tell you that I am already pissed about the corruption of the Pulitzer I have found. The Pulitzer is part of the problem with the lack of an increased level of peace in the world human society.

I am a polymath with a significantly developed right and left brain. I can write poetry and paint and do accounting and law.

I repeat, I have been too busy with Trump to work on the Pulitzer. That project finalized when the vote was tabulated in the Electoral College. The Pultizer Prize is now at the top of my ToDo list.

Now in regards to Dr Brown. He has been touted for his new style of poetry which I consider a nothing burger.

You need to go to a website AllPoetry.com and the group Facebook Poetry Society. These two sites have a hundred thousand participants combined and there are other lesser poetry groups. What you will find on these sites is that no one is writing in the style that the Pulitzer is still awarding. I have seen no less than 20 poets who are far better that Dr Brown and I have not even begun to search these sites.

What I have done is to create a series of poetry books and just in the last two weeks published the first book on Amazon. “Dr John WorldPeace JD Commentary on Contemporary Harvested Poems November 2020”. This series of books will be a monthly publication of poems I find and determine to be the future of poetry.  I have no helpers in this endeavor. All poetry contests are corrupt and take money just like the Pulitzer knowing who they are going to publish the submissions in advance. Submitted poetry to anyone for publication is a Significantly Demeaning Process for any poet. The above poetry sites give feed back but the traffic is so great on poems submitted, few get read. I will just work each month until I gather 100 pages of poems then publish them. In time, I expect poets will put my listing of their poems on their resumes.

The books will sell for $12. and that will just about cover the expenses that I will incur. The poet gets nothing from me. If a poet wants his work withdrawn it will be done immediately in real time. This is because Amazon only publishes as books are ordered. So book content can be changed in minutes and resubmitted.

Has Dr Brown created anything like this. No. According to some of his poems and maybe subtly all of them, all Dr Brown cares about is searching out the perfect black cock. The Pulitzer has promoted this socially rejected life pursuit over WorldPeace.

I would also point out that I have created a new genre of poems: One line poems  My first book: A Thousand Petal Zen Lotus was half written in 1995 and the other half in 2019. The Second Thousand Petal Zen Lotus published at the end of 2019 was an attempt to refine the genre. I realized that the one line poems needed to be one sentence poems. I will rewrite the Second volume by removing the longer poems and replacing them with one line poems I wrote in 2020. I will republish the second volume when I accumulate the balance of one thousand poems which I expect to happen by Spring of 2021.  Dr Brown’s contrubutions to poetry are insignificant and moreso a disgusting sexual genre which a very small percentage of the world human society care to explore.

I have published about 1100 poems this year January through November. At the end of December, I will publish the December poems and then I will publish a two volume set of my Complete Poems 2020. Last week I went through all I had written this year and published a volume of Select Poems January to November  and will republish this book when I add December at the end of the month.
Dr John WorldPeace JD Selected Poems 2020. (254 pages) The first of January, I will take 100 poems from this book and publish them in: Dr John WorldPeace JD Best Poems 2020.

You do not know any poet that can create on this level.

Why can I be this productive? 1) I have been doing it for 51 years. 2) I am 72, a polymath, worked 80 hour weeks my entire career and have many many personally experienced things to draw on. 3) I channel poems. I do not write unless the energy of the poem comes to me. 4) I have also in the creation of my one line poem genre found that 5% of poems for all poets have what I call a one line poem embedded within the main poem. In some cases there are more than one phrase in a poem that can be a free standing one line poem. Because I channel poetry, I can springboard from these embedded poems to a 20-40 line poem.

These phrases taken from a poem, and 99% of the time the theme of the poems, are not subject to copyright laws. What I tend to do, I have not formed the habit of doing it always, is to under line the words in one of my poems that have come from another poem. Sometimes I put the poets name under my date. But on Facebook and in AllPoetry.com people hide their identity behind a profile name that is not related to their legal name. ie, Red Herring, Lucy Poetess, Sky Writer, and Sam999,  and even in some of the more extreme groups Phuque Ewe.

I think what you need to consider is that I came out of the closet as a poet after 50 years and I intend to take over the world of Poetry, or become a significant guiding force for the Millennials. I have a huge marketing plan that I will engage next year. I hope not to have to spend a lot of energy fighting Pulitzer. So what if I do. Publicity is publicity good or bad. Ask Trump.

I live by two sayings in these matters. 1) Life is a daring adventure or nothing. Helen Keller. 2) Life is a journey not a destination.

Pulitzer cannot win this fight. You can disintegrate 100 years of Pulitzer prizes. And once that happens, you will never be able to resurrect the Pulitzer. It is the Humpty Dumpty scenario. And once this happens people will naturally take a closer look at the other poetry prizes.

Let me close with this. 1) I have written The Third Millennium Second Reformation of Christianity and by so doing taken on 2 billion Christians. 2) I changed my name to John WorldPeace in April 1988, as a commitment to Advocating WorldPeace. As such I have taken on the whole world human society. People hate peace and they moreso hate anyone who advocates it. Why? Because increasing the peace in the world human society requires change and nothing is more feared and hated in the world human society than change. 3) Compared to 1) and 2) above the Pulitzer Board is just a mound of piss ants to be disbursed; metaphorically speaking.


I am open to a negotiated settlement. I am open to compromise. What I am not open to is being ignored. Do so at your own peril in the corrupt courts of law and in the opinion of the world human society. Violence is not necessary to destroy the lives of unindicted criminals.

Very sincerely,

Dr John WorldPeace JD


Header of 600 emails sent to Columbia University July 22, 2020


I am being ignored by the Pulitzer Organization, that resides at Columbia University, over their corruption of the 2020 Poetry Pulitzer Prize. My position is contained in the following email sent yesterday to 3,000 individuals of 30,000 on my list directed at Black Colleges and Universities, and referencing my website on the matter; https://drjohnworldpeacejdversuspulitzerorg.com/

It is my opinion, based on what Administrator Ms. Canedy did to me with regards to my 2020 submission, and her subsequent termination, that the Pulitzer is suffering from stagnation and corruption which often happens with organizations after 100 years. It has become an ultra elitist exclusionary tragedy.

I believe what has happened to me in regards to the poetry prize probably is also true of the other 20 prizes to a greater or lesser degree..

I think it is time for Columbia to seriously considering requesting the Pulitzer to find another university in order for Columbia to maintain its integrity and not be drawn into the corruption, fraud, theft, and conspiracy the board of the Pulitzer Prize is trying to cover up with regards to my submission.

This email is being sent to over 600 individuals within Columbia University.

The USA and the world human society is moving toward dark times spearheaded by the Trump Presidency and the movement of nations toward fascism. What the Pulitzer is trying to foist on me is an example of the USA having elected a fascist, racist, incompetent president who finds it impossible to speak the truth about anything. Much less abide by his oath of office to protect and defend the Constitution and protect all Americans.

Thanks for your consideration,
Dr John WorldPeace JD

Email to Edward Kliment, Pulitzer Administrator

Edward Kliment, Pulitzer Administrator
email: pulitzer@pulitzer.org

RE: The 2020 Pulitzer Prize for poetry.

CC: The nominees and publishers of the 2020 poetry winner and their publishers.


Mr. Kliment,

I would remind you of my pending grievance against Pulitzer regarding my 2020 submission.

What I have written on my website is easy to understand. https://drjohnworldpeacejdversuspulitzerorg.com/  . It will be updated often until this matter is resolved.

I have received no response from Ms. Canedy. I have received no response from the Poetry winner or two nominees. I have received no response from any of their publishers.

I told Ms. Canedy she would lose her job over this. I was correct. For a Black woman to achieve the status of Administrator for the Pulitzer Prizes is not something that any Black woman would walk away from. Something rotten happened in the Poetry 2020 contest. Now the question is what are you going to do about it.

I will say that I am going to keep a fire under this matter until it is resolved. If it is not resolved the fire will become an eternal flame.

I will say that Mr. Brown, who is a professor of poetry at Emory University will either respond to why his 78 page book was selected over my 3400 pages or he will also lose his position. He is going to be forced to deal with this matter with every class he teaches from now until he responds and it is resolved. If he cannot or will not respond, then the obvious question will be as to his value as a professor of poetry at Emory. He is also going to have to deal with the fact that probably every student he teaches will have read about him on my website.

I bought my first computer in 1981 and was on the internet from its beginning. I have been building websites for small businesses for 20 years. I know how to get attention on the internet. I know how to put Mr. Brown at the top of every search with his name in it. Emory is not going to want to deal with a pariah.

I am the only Global Advocate for Peace and WorldPeace and have been officially for 32 years when I changed my name. I have no peers in advocating WorldPeace. I have an IQ in the top 1%. I am a polymath. The latin phrase sui generis fits me perfectly. You can read about me at https://johnworldpeace.com. This website has about 14,000 + pages. No one has ever comprehended more than 5% of it.

It is my intention to make the Pulitzer Poetry Prize the first of 21 dominos to fall over the coming years if you do not resolve this matter.

If you think a guy named WorldPeace is too aggressive, then you have not read about Jesus, Gandhi, King, and Mandela. I too, have been a political prisoner and have my peace advocate bona fides.

I will give you until August 1, to move this matter along, and communicate to me where you are in the process of resolving it. I will tell you that after 20 years of practicing law and 22 years of building websites, the internet is exceedingly more effective at attaining justice. Ask Ms. Canedy. Soon you will be able to ask Mr. Brown. Soon you will not have to ask anyone.

I will not be idle as I wait for your response.

My political activism problems began when I ran for governor of Texas 2000-2002 and enraged the Texas Democratic Party because I would not stop broadcasting the truth about the corruption. I told them 2002 would be the end of the Democratic Party in Texas: it had been the only party in Texas since the end of the Civil War. I was right on. The Republicans own Texas now as the Democrats did for 137 years.

Right now, I am working to remove the Evangelical and Fundamental base from Donald Trump and Reform Christianity in the longer run. See The Third Millennium Second Reformation of Christianity. It is linked from my website against Pulitzer.

 I served a year in jail due to the lying affidavit of a U S Deputy Marshall who said I knocked him down and kicked him as he was trying to serve me with a Federal Civil Bench warrant. Every cop who has read his affidavit told me they knew he was lying. Every book publisher, every university professor, every professional poet who looks at my website knows something is wrong with the 2020 Pulitzer Poetry prize.

Today, I will begin to email all the 104 Historically Black Colleges. I have about 4,000 emails and expect that number to grow to about 30,000 harvesting these college websites. Within the next 10 days, all those emails will be sent.

Mr. Brown is a tenured professor at Emory in the English department. He should have no trouble in responding to the question of why his 68 poems outperformed my 3400 poems. Someone at Pulitzer is going to have to respond as well. That is after Pulitzer proves it even read my submission.

There are other questions about the process that I have not brought up yet. One is why was my application email account was erased before January when I submitted my supplemental 5th volume. I was out of the running before the judges met in April.

Also, I have written about 500 poems this year. January to March published and April to June will be published by August 1. That would mean about 1500 by the end of the year. I don’t think I will submit them for the 2021 prize. No matter how you resolve my issues, Pulitzer is just a high profile corrupt farce.

Ms. Laux’s “Only As The Day Is Long”  only had 20 new poems. The rest were retreads from her glory? days.

Ms, Ruefle’s “Dunce” was the experience of being dragged through some the most boring poetry I have ever suffered through.


Very sincerely,

Dr JohnWorldPeace JD

200721 - July 21, 2020


The purpose of this website is to challenge the corrupt and arrogant aspects of the
Pulitzer Poetry Prize 2020.

These acts are typical of all large corporations and organizations that have been in business for many decades and have drifted off into their own elitist, exclusive mentality that is disconnected from reality, much less peace in the world human society.

I have had a life long habit of challenging these entities.

About Dr. John WorldPeace.

I have been writing poetry for 51 years. It is a passion. I don’t give a damn about prizes and competitions to try to get recognition for my work from people whose world view and accomplishments are, in many respects, insignificant to mine. I am 72 years old. I am a high-end polymath, with a very high IQ and extra-ordinary energy. I have developed my right brain and left brain functions. I have been self-employed 95% of my 50-year career in insurance, accounting, tax, law, and web design.

 In addition, on Good Friday 1988, 3 weeks before my 40th birthday, after my first 19-year marriage, I changed my name to John WorldPeace and became an advocate for peace and World Peace. I am not a pacifist. After I had accomplished all my goals in life, I needed a global focus for the rest of my life; one that really could never be accomplished and so could keep me active.

Further, since 13, I have been an artist, and since 22, I have been a poet. When I was 13, I decided I was not going to paint couch art, nor would I make a living from my art. I wanted to create unique art without having to paint couch art to pay my bills. I kept my money-making endeavors separated from my art and my poetry. I have lived a normal but intensive life working at my various projects for 80 hour weeks since I was 17.

My flagship website contains an ongoing record of my life. https://johnworldpeace.com

In 2018, after writing poetry for 49 years, I determined to get everything I had written organized and published. Virtually all of it was on the internet but not in a published format; much was just graphic of the original cursive. I have all my original poems, which at the end of 2020 was about 3400.

I had tried to get all my poetry organized and published since 1990 but was always interrupted. I had reams of documents related to these attempts.

In 2018, I decided to use Amazon.com to self publish my books. I made attempts to find an agent without success. My work was just too expansive, and my genres of writing were too numerous to find one agent. The publishers would not deal with me without an agent. I never did find one.

Sometime in early 2019, I began to look into poetry prizes. I had never tried to get published by magazines and other media because it was just too time-consuming, and I had no time to try to figure out what each publisher wanted.

I read the Pulitzer Poetry rules, which simply required the poet to have published within the prior year. In my case from January 1 to October 3, 2019 The last three months of any year were ignored.

There was an allowance for selected, collected, and complete works that would allow me to enter what I had published in 2018 as well as 2019. So I devoted the hours necessary to get all my poems published by Amazon before the October 2019 deadline. This was a monumental task. I had one part time clerk to help me.

I had taken a 19th-century poetry class during my first year in college. I had no time to read poetry or become active in poetry groups. This was the same way with my art. I painted but did not try to market my art. My art is intense. Gallery owners like the art, but it has no genre, so they did not feel they could sell it. Some of my 4 x 5 foot paintings have 750 hours in them. My art Is classified in the catch-all genres of outlier, outsider, visionary art.

So my art and my poetry have run on parallel tracks of creating art and poetry but not marketing it and not getting involved in gallery openings or poetry groups or socializing with artists or poets. I have little interest in what others are doing with their art or poetry. Most of it looks and reads without inspiring the viewer or reader. I don’t know what poetry or art really is. I have never studied either to any great extent. I am not a herd animal, even marginally. But more on point, my life is just too dynamic and too busy to have been involved in the art and poetry scenes. I don’t drink or do drugs and don’t really care for frivolous chit chat. I would rather walk, jog, bike, hike alone with my thoughts if not with my family.

I decided long ago that after I created a body of art and poetry, I would turn a significant amount of effort into marketing my art the same as I had my businesses. The micro-targeting on Twitter, Google, Amazon, and Facebook make it easy to get a worldwide platform. My business plan never included achieving awards and prizes to sell my art or poetry.

Yes, it is an independent and arrogant attitude. I just did not have the time nor the desire to be a traditional artist or poet with regard to marketing my art. And I hate to travel.

Regarding the Pulitzer

I paid my $75 fee to Pulitzer and submitted 4 copies of my work of 5 volumes and filled out the application etc. In addition, I sent as a supplement of my poems from October to the end of December 2019, just so they would have the entire pulished work.

After all that editing, I was very much in the groove to write poetry. That energy has carried over to 2020, and I have written about 500 poems this year. I have published books for Jan, Feb and Mar and I am working on publishing April and May. I write in three genres. Free verse, Haiku, and one line poems for which there was no genre until I created it in 2019. I have written two books of 1000 of these poems under “A Thousand Petal Zen Lotus” and “A Second Thousand Petal Zen Lotus.” I am still developing that genre. I have not receive or sought out any input for this project.

After submission, I went on with my other endeavors. On May 4th I heard the announcement of winners.

I then looked at those winners’ submission and was shocked. The winner and nominations were less that 100 pages each. It made me laugh. These poets were normal average not very much driven, and I found the poems to have very little passion. It seemed to me writing poetry was their job. They were writing to market their work, and bolster their careers, not because they found inspiration in everything in the earth dreamscape. Mr. Brown took 4 years to squeeze out 56 poems. And 12 years to create a total of three books of about 180 poems; between one and two poems a month.

I had been seeking, before making an entry, what Pulitzer Poetry was actually looking for. It was unavailable. Only after buying copies of the winner and nominations was it clear to me that it was a waste of my time to enter my work in such a mundane contest. I expected much more from Pulitzer. Just my ignorance, due to not being involved with other poets, much less publishers and academics. I have tried to read the academic analysis of poems. I have never been able to get a grasp of what they were talking about.

I channel poems. Channel is a word the New Agers use about the information they tap into and then write about. It is not about constructing a poem but just letting it flow out.

No problem, my stupidity. Had I understood the required parameters of the entries, I would have never wasted my time with a submission. What I have written is along the line of Whitman, Dickinson and Cummings; outliers everyone. Since when does a close society ever recognize much less acknowledge an outlier.

I was amazed to realized when I finished publishing that I had already reached a number of poems that were in line with Frost and Sandberg and others’ life work. I am 72 and see myself producing about 1500-2000 poems a year. Not as an attempt to set any records, with regards to number of poems written in a lifetime, but just because I have found a way, after 50 years of writing, to write that many poems. Writing poems gives me pleasure and an experience of bliss and peace.

I see something, read something, experience something, and if I find it interesting, I will write a poem in less than 5 minutes and put it in a binder and forget about it. Five minutes after I finish a poem, I really can’t tell you what I wrote.

I can do this because I have used this creative vehicle in art and poetry for 50 years. Also, as a very curious polymath, I see metaphysical connections that most normal people never see. And I have intensionally lived a very intense and dynamic life.

The bottom line here is that I felt stupid that I submitted my poetry to judges who have no ability to relate to it much less write it or judge it.

Writing poetry is not a mechanical drudgery to me. In truth, poems just flow from the experiences I have stored in my soul over many lifetimes. And through the filters I have created in the intensity of this present life.

However, what I found in this Pulitzer experience and was unacceptable to me was that my poems were not even read.

I was not certain of this at first, but now I am absolutely sure of it.

I am a WorldPeace Advocate, and the way the Pulitzer is run is fraudulent and theft. To take money from entrants and not read the poems is straight-up fraud like any low rent publisher. Crazy. Disgusting.

As is typical, Ms. Canedy thinks she is protected in her high tower. She is wrong. My legal career has more than a few instances of terminating careers. I will not be ignored. I feel an absolute commitment to get to the foundation of what defines a Pulitzer Prize in Poetry.

Right now, I feel the Pulitzer prize is a small dysfunctional closed elitist, exclusionary society of publishers and academics trying to control poetic expression. The overall lack of interest in poetry in the world human society shows these judges are out of sync.

My experience in life with elitist groups is that they have a mentality like large company investment managers. “Better to be wrong with the group, than right and alone.” This definitely applies to the  Pulitzer Poetry judges and probably all the rest of the judges.

The biggest problem with my poetry is that it is not recognized because evaluators of poetry have not been allowed to comment on what I have done. That makes it extremely scary for those with untarnished credentials. The chances of any judge voting for my submission is slim and none because they would have to vote what they actually think instead of what they think other thinks. It is very dangerous to consider work like I have created. If you promote it against the silent herd that is against it, your career is gone. If you don’t promote it and the silent herd is for it, you are screwed. If you are wrong, your career is forever scarred. If you are right, then obviously you violated the sacred herd mentality and you are no longer one of the herd and therefore screwed.

Questions for the winners

Now here is the question for the winner and nominations and their publishers. Do you really feel your submission are more worthy than mine?  No way. The comparison is a joke. Like first grade and PhD; Like children and an adult.

Knowing what I know about business, I believe that Mr. Brown won because he has a very savvy publisher who knows everything about how to win a Pulitzer Poetry Prize and how the submission are judged. Something that probably took decades to figure out; the same way I have found out how to sell my business services. No problem

But in looking at the process, I see that what is required is a slick high-end cover. A resume of works published. A position in a university or in publishing or a history of being published by high end magazines, connections in the publishing world.

I think what the judges did was take 500+ entries, glanced quickly through the entries for the above requirements, and then threw away 95% of the entries without ever having read them. All the bullshit about reading everything is a damned lie; scanned maybe, glanced probably.

Then they applied their metric of nuanced manipulation of words and phrases based on a high-end knowledge of writing English.

For me personally, I grew up with a large extended family of blue-collar workers with no college and a critical attitude about educated people. Had I  acquired a high-end vocabulary, I would have become an even greater outcast than I was; maybe even the ultimate blacksheep of the family.

Also, in dealing with people as a salesman for all my businesses, I realized that people get lost if you talk to them with anything over an 7th grade education. This is a researched fact. So to talk over the heads in a conversation with a potential client would probably lose the sale.

In fact, my performance on the Mensa and Intertel IQ tests was significantly handicapped by my low vocabulary such that I could not work the association problems because I was not familiar with the words being associated. So if I had taken Latin in high school and college, I would have been able to work most of those problems.

What is relevant is that you can’t write the kind of poetry that Pulitzer is looking for with a low-end vocabulary. It does not allow for interesting word and phrase nuances and interactions.

For me to take a poetic inspiration and then put it into multiple straight jacketts ruins it. Channeled, inspired poetry cannot be subjected to a lot of structure and word nuances. I think Emerson called Poe the “jingle man.” The winner and two nominees have jingles so nuanced that it takes a PhD to dig them out; ie. boring and flat.

As of right now, based on my life experience with entities like Pulizer, with their sense of being untouchable, I am going to probably sue Pulitzer for fraud and theft and possibly the publishers for the winner and the nominees for conspiracy. It depends on what I find in my ongoing discovery.

Right now, I am more concerned about disconnecting Trump from the Presidency. There is only one way to beat him and that is to take away his Christian base. Nothing else will assure his loss in December. I have what is needed to do that. I have published my book “The Third Millennium Second Reformation of Christianity.” 250 pages of logical, linear clean up of what Jesus actually said per the red-letter words in the Bible and ignoring all other commentaries.  Example, How can Jesus return if he never left. Is there anyone who would stand up in church and say Jesus was not present. Not likely. The book became  available for sale yesterday on Amazon.com and probably today there will be an e-book version also for sale.

That 7th grade mindset of the average person lets them be manipulated by jerks like Joel Osteen who makes millions from their talking about Jesus who had nothing.

Lastly, for the most part after practicing law for 20 years and being a web designer for 20 years putting up websites like this, that will be topped ranked in  a Google Search for Pulitzer Poetry Prize, it will keep the potential defendants in front of the public and tag them with fraud and corruption and seriously affect their reputations and businesses; forever.

I hate being ignored, so I intend to remove Ms. Canedy from her job. Herd people, especially high-end herd people do not like publicity. Pulitzer is not going to like the arrogant mishandling of this matter by Ms. Canedy and bringing too much spotlight on the way Pulitzer has operated. Etc Etc

This website will be significantly enhanced over the next weeks.

My Proposal for resolution

My offer to the publishers. Two, choices. 1) You reject the prize or nomination and suggest that it be given to me because my submission was not read much less considered. 2) The publisher writes 20,000 words as to why your client’s less than a hundred poems is better than my 3400 poems. In this option, the winning poet also has to write 7500 words as to why he or she believe their submission should have won over mine.

I think the safe choice is #1. If no choice is made, then I will force #2 in court. If that is necessary, the Pulizer Poetry prize is toast. Think about a jury being required to read the winner and nominated poems and all my poems.

For me, this is about the Pulitzer Prize being an impediment to increasing the peace in the world human society. That is my, my metric, my global position, peace.  The local position is the Pulitzer Prize which I know now is another herd corruption.

I hear it all the time, “You are John WorldPeace, why are you so aggressive?” I just point to Jesus in the Temple, turning over the tables of the money-changers in the Temple and whipping them. Jesus said, “Do you think I have come to bring peace? I have come to set a fire.” LK 12: 51

Buy and read my book, “The Third Millennium Second Reformation of Christianity,” from Amazon.

Very Sincerely,

Dr John WorldPeace JD

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Dr John WorldPeace JD, Brown, Ruefle & Laux
2020 Pulitzer submissions
Yes you are seeing correctly, the winners submitted 100 page books, Dr Jwp submitted 3400 pages.

Dr. John WorldPeace JD b. 1948
Dr. John WorldPeace JD
Complete Poems 1970 - 2019

5 volumes | 3400+ pages | 4000 poems
5 poetry books Jan - May 2020 - 550+ poems
Changed named Good Friday 1988
BA Pol Sci, 1970, BAccountancy 1978,
Doctor of Jurisprudence 1984 | all U of Houston
U S Army Sgt Infantry 1970-1972
Mensa / Intertel
Political prisoner 2008
The only Global WorldPeace Advocate
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The Third Millennium Secord Reformation
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Dr John WorldPeace JD Poetry Website

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A 55 page, Dr John WorldPeace JD poem, about his 72 year experience with racism in the South.

Jericho Brown PhD b. 1976
emial to Brown and Publisher
Jericho Brown PhD, Emory’s Winship Distinguished Research Professor in Creative Writing
email: college@emory.edu

Copper Canyon Press
Jericho Brown b. 1976
The Tradition
72 pages | 58 pages

Inspiration from Ganymede, Jericho Brown

The People of my country believe
we can't be hurt if we can be bought

Is there any other way
few walk the earth
who are not bought
because they
agreed to be sold

The world human society
are certainly economic slaves

The big money
advertises, finances
and moves money
from the bottom
of the social pyramid to
the top

Education dummys down
to the 7th grade
- no matter
Dylan says, "You have to
serve somebody

Harriet Tubman
proved slavery
was a choice


Dorianne Laux b. 1952

W W Norton & Company
Dorianne Laux b. 1952
Only as the day is Long
New and Selected Poems

124 pages past poems | 20 new poems

Inspiration from: Only as the day is long
Dorianne Laux

A stubborn moon
that trails the car all night
is the light behind
we always leave alone

in the dark
we drive deeper
into darkness

It is counter intuitive
to look into the sun
the moon or candlelight

The light
opens too many windows
too much truth

mostly that we script
our own lives

Ask receive
seek find
knock enter

We script our life
Jesus is not a liar



Mary Ruefle b. 1952

Wave Books
Mary Ruefle b. 1952
95 pages | 66 poems

Inspiration from: Dunce
Mary Ruefle

I am compelled
to drink my own tears
of air

I cannot allow
the pain of the
world to
wring me out
until dehydration

The tears
of little people
disintegrate them
for mostly
short times
personals tears
that is
poor pitiful me tears

not much compared
to the 6th Extinction
and the burning
down of the
Garden of Eden


Correspondence from Dr John WorldPeace JD to Pulitzer